Give your home a makeover!

Are you planning to buy some garden utility devices? Or do you want to hire landscaping services? In either case, maybe you should instead try to win them online! Don’t be amazed. It’s quite possible that you get a chance to win household appliances ranging from kitchen appliances to bedroom necessities, furniture for living room and essentials for bathroom.. If you are pondering over “how” then here it is. You should take part in our exciting online competitions. Go through the tips below and get started right away. But remember, you need to be at least 18 years old to be able to participate in this.


To win prizes for your home such as gorgeous cutlery, rugs, bathroom sets, or any small or big appliance you will first need to register yourself.

Select your prize(s) 

If you wish to win nursery furniture, or wish to redecorate your child’s bedroom with new bed, table and chair then choose your prize accordingly. You will have many options. When you are done here, you will need to buy the ticket(s).

Answer the question(s)

There will be a multiple choice question which you will need to answer. The number of questions you will need to answer will depend on the number of tickets you have purchased.

You will have 1 minute to answer each question after that you will have to select one lowest unique number.

Who wins?

Of course, the one who has opted for the right answer and also has picked the lowest unique number for that particular competition will win the household product chosen.

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