Win gift prizes and hampers

Need to buy a gift for your friend, your partner, your parents, your siblings? There is no need to shell out hefty amount. Simply play on our website and win gifts online.

We don't enforce a game of chance but rather give you a simple concept that you can easily master if you intend to win. Register with your accurate details and buy tickets as low as £1 to get started. We will offer you an exhaustive range of ongoing competitions with lucrative prizes which you can choose.

To win the competition, you will have to buy the ticket and answer a question that we will ask you along with choosing a number that hasn't been chosen by other players. If you succeed to answer correctly and pick a unique lowest number that others haven't chosen then you will win your chosen prize.

We offer a skilled alternative to play and win gifts and you won’t need to play video games or fill out questionnaires. Just the accurate answer and number, competition win a gift is all yours. You can even choose splendid wine and chocolate hampers, champagne and everything else just for a single £1!

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