Canon EOS7D Digital SLR
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Canon EOS7D Digital SLR Camera is a class-leading SLR camera, and we are offering you the chance to get your hands on one. With a 3-inch LCD screen, and additional lens, you'll be able to take truly stunning images.
- Capture every detail with an APS-C sized CMOS sensor offering 18-megapixel resolution. Images can be printed in large sizes, or cropped for alternative compositions without losing quality.
- Shoot full-resolution images at 8 fps, and ensure you never miss that decisive moment. Capture 130 JPEG files in a single burst, or 25 images in a RAW format.
- Capture full HD movies at 1080p, with manual control over settings such as exposure, audio level and white balance. Canon's EF lenses provide access to cinematic effects and shooting styles.


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