There are hundreds of prizes on I Can Have It. Prizes are grouped into competitions according to their price points and not necessarily according to their similarity. For example:

Whatisacompetition1 V2 0

Whatisacompetition2 V2 0

This competiton groups prizes that have a price point ranging from £1,500 to £2,000. There are a variety of prizes in this competition: TVs, jewellery, computers, household appliances and more. This gives a widespread range of items enabling people with different interests play for the same competition, which would close faster. Please note that none of I Can Have It competitions have a cash alternative.

Each competiton has a fixed number of tickets which is relatively small and once all the tickets for that particular competition are sold, the competition closes and the winner is identified.

People may choose to play for a particular prize within a competition, this means that when the competition closes and if they win, they win the prize they have played for regardless of how many other people have played for that particular prize.

For Example:

Whatisacompetition3 V2 1

In the example above, none of the individual prizes have had 2750 tickets sold, but because the sum of the individual tickets in that competition reaches 2750, the competition closes and the winner wins his or her chosen prize.