As soon as all tickets for a competition are sold, everyone who has bought a ticket will automatically receive an email informing them that the competition has closed, and that the winner will be contacted imminently. 

The winner is defined as the entrant who picked the lowest unique number and answered their question correctly.

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If you are the lucky winner, you will win the prize which you bought the winning ticket for. 

A member of the I Can Have It team will get in contact with you to inform you that you have won. This will be both by phone and email. Remember to ensure that you have supplied all the information required during registration so we can get your prize to you as quickly as possible. You can make sure you have all the correct details on your account by clicking here.

There is always a guaranteed winner for every competition. In the event that a lowest unique number cannot be determined, the winner will be the person who answered their question in the quickest time from the pool of lowest number of people who chose the lowest number.