There are 3 skill-based steps in I Can Have It competitions:

Step 1 - Pick a Subject

 3Simplesteps1 V2 0

For each ticket, you are required to select a category from which you would like to answer a question. These categories are: Geography, Science, Culture, General Knowledge, Sports and Literature. We recommend you choose a category you are knowledgeable in.

Step 2 - Answer Question

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Once you have picked your category, you have 60 seconds to answer the question that is randomly generated from our large pool of questions. You simply need to click on the option you think is correct. 

Step 3 - Pick A Number

3Simplesteps3 V2 1

A number line with a range will be displayed. You will need to select a number within the given range trying to be low. You need to use your skill and judgement to select a number that is the lowest that you think no other participant will choose.

This step is required to identify a unique winner in the likely event that more than one participant answers the question in step 2 correctly.

The winner will be the person who has answered the question correctly and who has picked the LOWEST UNIQUE NUMBER.